About Us


Dennis Prausse

Dennis holds a master’s degree in Biology from University of Cologne. He is the initiator and the technical head of PHYTOLINC. During his studies he worked for several aquaculture facilities in Germany. He also got in contact with the membrane system, which now serves as the core technology of PHYTOLINC’s photobioreactor. Fascinated by the idea of combining efficient microalgae cultivation and land based aquaculture he started the project.


Jan Zaabe

Jan also received his bachelor’s degree in Biology in Cologne. For his master’s studies, he went to University of Frankfurt to gain a deeper understanding of ecological and sustainable biological processes. Jan is our algae-expert, who is always on the lookout for new algae species, their optimal production, as well as further processing steps. His favorite places are the lab, over the microscope, and the algae-culture room.


Arne Maercker

Arne studied business administration at University of Muenster and economics in Cologne. Before joining the PHYTOLINC team, he mainly focused on macroeconomic and financial market-related subjects. Since meeting Jan und Dennis though, he is fascinated by the great potential of microalgae. In our team, he is responsible for all financial and business-related tasks.