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One nutrient source, two products

Aquaponics is the common production of aquatic organisms (fish, mussels, crustaceans) and plants out of one nutrient source. Fish feed serves as a nutrient source. The animals eat, process, and excrete it; thereby, the water in the aquaculture facilities is enriched with nutrients, in particular nitrate and phosphate. The enriched water is then used to cultivate the plants. By binding nitrate and phosphate through the cultivation step, the water is purified and can be fed back into the water cycle.

Algae as plant component

We enable microalgae-aquaponics, while algae represent the plant component. An advantage of our system is that one can directly feed the algae. Also, so far there are almost exclusively commercial aquaponic systems with fresh water as common food plants are not salt water resistant. As a result, it is impossible to produce popular marine organisms (such as shrimps) in aquaponic processes. We provide a system that works with fresh water as well as marine water.